Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Yesterday, VPOTUS Joe Biden raised a lotta eyebrows and caught a bit of heat from some on the left who got all "pissy pants" because the ever so eloquent and often not tactful and gaff prone Vice President stated that the progressive liberal base of the party should "STOP WHINING" in reference to what they perceive as not enough change in the 2 years since the Obama Administration has been in office. To put the quote in full context so I don't misrepresent the VP's thoughts, Biden urged Democrats to "remind our base constituency to stop whining and get  out there and look at the alternatives. This president has done an  incredible job. He's kept his promises." Some may have taken this the wrong way but I know PRECISELY what the Vice President was saying and I 100% agree with this sentiment.

I've written before on this BLOG, about "The LUNACY of NOT VOTING" as many on the left are planning to sit out the midterm election in November because the change they voted for in 2008 has not come fast enough. I certainly understand the sentiment of not been pleased with the progress that has been made since Obama and 'dem took over control in Washington but I am capable of putting things in their proper perspective.

Point #1, there was a tremendous hole on all fronts in terms of an economy spiraling downwards towards "Great Depression - The Sequel - NOW IN COLOR" , a federal budget deficit expanding out of control, 2 ongoing wars in the Middle East, health care costs rising exponentially, and a host of other problems that make me wonder WHY IN THE HELL would anyone want to be President ? Point #2, politics is all about negotiation among often competing interests and it is natural in the midst of such negotiations for both sides to feel as if they didn't get what they really wanted. Point #3, the Republican minority has been as committed as the reggae group "Third World" (excuse the obscure reference but I love their song "I'm Committed") and determined to bring the Obama Administration down by opposing and obstructing EVERYTHING they have tried to accomplish. Put all of this in context and you'll soon realize that many of the items on your wishlist of what you've wanted President Obama and the Democratic majority to accomplish have run up against very strong road blocks and it is through necessary deal-making and negotiation where some of what you've fought so hard for has been watered down and not fully representative of the progressive future you have worked so hard for.

However, it is important to realize the progress that has been made in the liberal progressive direction and not "take your ball and go home" at this point. Change takes time and is retarded even more by Republicans (pun intended) who refuse to cooperate and work together in ANY WAY to tackle the nation's challenges. Their solution to EVERYTHING begins and ends with tax cuts. If you ask them what's the cure for cancer, they will say "tax cuts". If you ask them what's 2+2, they will way "tax cuts". If you ask them how do we solve global warming they will first say "tax cuts" then state THEIR FACT that it's nothing but a "liberal myth" to raise taxes. Yes, that is what we're working with or rather against so change will be increasingly difficult.

BUT if we give up now, and sit out this election and somehow allow more Republicans to enter the Senate and the House and further pollute and obstruct legislative progress, the change that you've fought so hard for will come to a screeching halt and in many cases they'll press the CTRL-Z button (nerd reference) button to undo what has been done to march towards our progressive future. So, YES , if you plan to sit out this November election then I encourage you to STOP WHINING about not getting your whole slice of cake and celebrate the fact that you've got the ingredients for the cake, you've mixed it together, the oven is warm, and you're bought to put that delicious cake in the oven. NOW STOP WHINING, VOTE, AND GET READY TO EAT YOUR DAMN CAKE !!

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