Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Dirty Little "not so secret" about Immigration

Democrats, Republicans, friends, Romans, countrymen !! I've got a dirty little "not so secret" fact about the political football that we know as "illegal immigration". The dirty little secret is this ... NOBODY WANTS TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM !! If politicians on both sides of the aisle TRULY wanted to solve the problem of illegal immigration, they could do so tomorrow. The fact is, the United States and in particular the BIG BUSINESS COMMUNITY in the United States benefit from having a de facto, constantly flowing, voluntary "slave labor force" beating down the doors of the US-Mexico border for a chance at a better life from what they live in their distant homelands. For fractions of what legal American workers would be willing to work, illegal immigrants sweat and toil in the most difficult of jobs for their shot at the American dream. For American business, this enables them to pay their "willing slaves" crap-wages while selling their products at the same high rates, thereby enabling increased profits, the lifeblood of any capitalistic system.

If Democrats and Republicans in Washington TRULY wanted to address the problem of illegal immigration TOMORROW, they could. They simply don't have the sack to do it. Instead, what we get ever so often (generally around election time) is all of this talk about "securing the borders" and "building thousand mile fences" and "they're taking American jobs" and all of this crap from a buncha politricksters who have no desire or gall to actually address the problem. If they were willing to tackle the root of the issue, they would look into WHY illegal immigrants come to the US in the first place. The only reason why anyone (for the most part) would pack up and leave their distant homeland surrounded by family and friends and move to a strange, cold, and lonely place is for the shot at an improved standard of living which is enabled by any means of gainful employment. If politicians wanted to tackle the issue of illegal immigration, instead of the unrealistic goal of playing laser tag and paintball in the dark along a thousand mile border, they would instead put the pressure on American businesses that hire these illegal immigrants. If a law were passed TOMORROW saying "any company found to knowingly or unknowingly hire an illegal immigrant for employment shall be fined an amount equal to 20% of their annual revenues", the illegal immigration problem would be solved TOMORROW. With businesses unwilling to hire illegal immigrants out of fear of being slapped upside the head with humongous fines, the memo would eventually get across the border that "they ain't hiring over there, how far do we have to walk to get to Canada ?".

The immigration situation as it exists today benefits the major players in the game therefore we stand at gridlock. Democrats can fire up their base by talking about how "Republicans are just immigrant haters who relish in a lily white vision of the homeland", Republicans can fire up their base by talking about how "Democrats want to paint the town brown and are putting the security of the homeland at risk by letting in all of them there illegals", BIG BUSINESS benefits by continuing to pay crap wages to immigrants out on the field picking oranges while selling their orange juice for maximum price for maximum profit in a store near you, and illegal immigrants toil for a few dollars in the US and send a percentage of the profits back home to Mexico, thus benefiting the Mexican economy. That equals a win-win-win-win for everyone involved. The fact that no one has truly had the courage to step up and take on this issue head on and suggest stifling the supply of jobs by coming down hard on big business that hire illegal immigrants just highlights the fact that everyone is pretty darn comfy with the system as it exists right now. Don't expect anything significant to happen on the illegal immigration front for quite some time. No harm, no foul right ? Politrix as usual ...


  1. I'm Mexican/American, we've always known it's all about the money, us wants cheap labor, mexicans will do grunt work no citizen wants to do, my daughter says I won't roll of of bed 4 minimum wage, yet we want ppl to live off that n be happy about it.