Thursday, September 23, 2010

BAD BAD Bishop !!

In yet another scandal that could potentially rock and cause irreparable damage to a "man of God", Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of a mega 25,000 member church in Atlanta, Georgia is accused of "sexual misconduct" by 2 YOUNG MEN who have been members of his church for several years. Now, I refuse to cast judgment on the Bishop cause at this point it is strictly "accusations" and nothing has been proven one way or the other at this point. However, I will say "at this point", it ain't looking too good for the Bishop.

When the story first broke, my first inclination was that "this is strictly a money grab shakedown from a disgruntled member who was actually arrested for stealing from the church" and this initial thought may end up being correct. However, with the recent emergence of "cell phone pics" of the Bishop equipped with skintight clothes and Kangol hat (pictured to the left) produced by one of the accusers, the story gains a lil bit in credibility. Unless there was one helluva Photoshop job by someone or the Bishop's cell phone was stolen by someone digging for pics, there would be NO GOOD REASON for any man to send a self portrait, posing in the bathroom mirror, MySpace profile style pic such as this to ANYONE that is not his woman. NOT A GOOD LOOK BISHOP !! There may be deep down some good reason behind all of this, but as of this writing, I can't seem to think of one. But I tell who BETTER be thinking of a REALLY REALLY good reason ... that would be the Middle Linebacker Bishop !!

With each story such as this about another man that has fallen from grace (and in time we will soon discover whether or not there is any legitimacy to this story), it brings to mind one clear fact. Although we tend to put ministers on pedestals and hold them up to be "more than man", they are after all, mere mortal beings. For true believers out there, we just have to remember that man is man and if we put our trust in MANKIND, we will forever be disappointed. NO MAN IS GOD !! Put our trust and faith in God and God ONLY and we're GUARANTEED to never be disappointed. Bishop, we'll be praying for ya man ... but as of right now, it ain't lookin too good for ya.

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