Monday, October 4, 2010

ONE NATION ... Got our GROOVE Back

In what was built up to liberal antidote to the supposed right-wing exuberance to change Washington back to the bad ole Bush Days, an estimated 175,000 devotees, Democrats, and supporters of the progressive cause gathered on the Washington Mall on Saturday, October 2nd for the "One Nation Working Together" rally. With both mainstream and right-wing media outlets all but guaranteeing the demise of the Democratic Party come November, it was extremely encouraging to see such a large turnout of liberal voters marching, shouting, and chanting enthusiastically about issues such as saving the middle class, jobs, jobs, jobs, education, healthcare, immigration reform and other issues central to the progressive cause.
For the One Nation rally, the morale of the story was this. We, the representatives of the progressive cause in America, have worked entirely too hard to begin tilting the country in a progressive direction to give up the fight now. Though the Democratic party contains a wide tent with a wide variety of views which often result in bitter intra-party squabbles, one thing we must agree on is that it would be absolute LUNACY to drop the ball now, lose momentum, and put the Republicans back in control of either house of Congress. Though many of us liberals may not have gotten all that we want thus far from Obama and the Democratic Congress, and often felt as if our loud progressive voice has not been heard on issues such as comprehensive immigration reform, we must continue the fight and continue grassroots efforts to push the the conversation in Washington in the progressive direction.
If you believe the polls, the Democratic voting base has been asleep at the wheel and lost a bit of their mojo. Voter apathy from the Democratic base could very well put the progressive cause on life support. However, one thing that the One Nation rally pointed out LOUD & CLEAR, progressives are FINALLY waking up to the cause and realizing that there is still a whole lot at stake and we can't quit the game at halftime. There is still a whole lot to fight for and this rally was instrumental in getting that point across. Quite simply, this rally Got our Groove Back and we the progressive force are NOW on the move. All together now, WE ARE ONE NATION UNDER A GROOVE ... getting down for MORE THAN just for the  funk of it.

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  1. I totally agree. The base is not asleep and we will be out on Nov 2 to protect our interest. Those numbers at the One Nation Rally is only a fraction of those of us who could not make the rally because we are now working and want to keep on working.