Friday, October 8, 2010

Cowboys vs. Titans ... Is it possible for BOTH TEAMS to lose ?

As we approach another fun-filled football weekend, I've got quite the dilemma on my hands. The Texas Longhorns are off this Saturday (actually they've been off all year, but they're NOT PLAYING this weekend) so I can enjoy a peaceful Saturday without breaking any more TVs and punching holes in any more walls. However, my 2 most hated teams in the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys (the most loved and most hated team in the league) and the Tennessee Titans (formerly our beloved Houston Oilers that bailed on us and we still have scorned lover syndrome) face off this Sunday in the "Who Do I Hate More Bowl". This is gonna be a tough one.

Let's rationalize this. The Cowboys spanked my Houston Texans pretty good a few weeks ago and I've had to listen to caca from the INFAMOUS Cowboy fans and EVERYBODY knows how annoying they can be. Then there are the Titans fans. Where do I start ? Let me get this straight (from the perspective of fans of the former Houston Oiler fans who STILL consider the Titans to be "our team"), your ex-girlfriend (the Houston Oilers) cheated on you and left you for a dude who lives in Tennessee (the Tennessee Titans), and almost 15 YEARS LATER you've forgiven her and STILL want her back ? I simply don't get it.

So I'm left with 1 of 2 choices, neither of which is palpable. (1)Root for the Cowboys who aren't even in the Texans Conference meaning that win would be more or less meaningless for the Texans playoff hopes ... BUT then would have to hear Cowboy fans.(2) Root for the Titans who ARE in the Texans division, but SOLELY for the joy of seeing the Cowboys fall to a 1-3 start and have a frontrow seat as owner Jerry Jones goes into meltdown mode and starts whacking people, Tony Soprano style.

Hmmm ...  what's a guy to do ? GOT IT !! A nice 3-3 tie after regulation and overtime with BOTH teams missing FGs in overtime thereby prolonging the agony and heightening the frustration. That would equally suck for both teams and that's ALL GOOD with me :-)


Cowboy & Titan H8R !!

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